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Blessed Hex

Lurking in Guion Pond

Lurking in Guion Pond

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The old building stood imposing at the far end of the farm. Once the height of modernity, it had barely survived the apocalypse but was now a time capsule to another era. Ceilings caved in, lights out completely or spookily flickering, with an elevator that might swallow you up and deliver you to the Twilight Zone or might just smell like old band-aids depending on its whim in the precise moment you called it. Beyond the ruins, down a gently sloping hill, the edge of a thick forest encircled a small, well-hidden pond. It was a tranquil spot where, ages ago, young lovers once sat together, away from prying eyes concerned only with propriety. But, alas, that beautiful place held a dark secret, for buried beneath the muck and sediment on the floor of the pond were a thousand severed heads.


Fragrance Profile

A lush and juicy blend of florals, greenery and berries. Top notes of fragrant roses in heavy bloom are rounded off with warm red currant and dense fern.


Candlemaker's Note

Lurking in Guion Pond is the official candle of our friends BogTurtle Band, formerly The Severed Heads of Guion Pond. If you enjoy Irish and Celtic music, please give them a listen.

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