Fragrance Guide

Need help choosing a fragrance you'll die for?

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Year-Round Favorites Candle Collection

Banish-- Woody and clean. Southwestern pinon pine, white sage, earthy oak moss, and a touch of leather.

Dark Splendor-- Warm and earthy. This candle smells like a freshly-ground dark roast coffee.

Library of Alexandria-- Warm and heady. Well-worn leather, earthy vetiver, and calming nag champa.

Read the Tea Leaves-- Clean and warm. Ripe orange peel, bursted cranberries, freshly crushed clove and sweet spices, strong black tea, and a wisp of patchouli.


Spring & Summer Candle Collection

Glastonbury Grove-- Clean, earthy, and slightly sweet unisex floral. This is a nice mild scent for those of you who appreciate subtlety. Chamomile, geranium, cherry pipe tobacco, and sage.

Juno-- A juicy, sharp clean scent with warmth. Lead notes of ruby red grapefruit give way to yuzu (a tart East Asian hybrid that resembles grapefruit paired with a mandarin orange) and a zing of lemon.

Lurking in Guion Pond-- A lush and juicy blend of florals, greenery and berries. Top notes of fragrant roses in heavy bloom are rounded off with warm red currant and dense fern.

Lustre-- Clean, woody, and sweet. A light, airy mix of sandalwood, coconut cream, and vanilla.

Marie Antoinette's Last Breath-- A delicate, softly clean scent that is warm and floral. This smells like summer. Lavender, majestic pink magnolia, and freshly cut grass.

Nefertiti's Sarcophagus-- Our signature fragrance. A gorgeous woody and slightly powdery floral that reads as warm and clean once burned. Egyptian musk, blue lotus, neroli, and black oud.


Fall & Winter Candle Collection

Aristotle's Aquatic Adventures-- Earthy, woody, and with a spicy bite. This smells exactly like walking into an old seaside dive bar. Cuban tobacco flowers, white cedar, black pepper, clove bud, cinnamon, bergamot, bay rum, and tonka bean.

Bubeleh Later-- Warm, clean, and very slightly powdery, this smells exactly like the cologne worn by a grown-ass man. Top notes of fig, bergamot, and lemon fading to base notes of sandalwood, walnut, cedar, oak leaf, and amber.

Eternal Life-- Spicy, warm, and clean. Freshly crushed clove buds, overripe orange, fig, cypress, cinnamon, and cassia root.

Haunted Pumpkin-- Sweet and earthy. Creamy clove and nutmeg, cedarwood, gourd, sweet resin, and a hint of vanilla.

Krampus Nacht-- Woody with a hint of sweet spice. A snow-covered pine tree chopped down in the depth of the forest, hot rum, a Christmas stollen fresh from the oven, sweet amber, vanilla, and a hint of patchouli.

Yule Log-- Woody and spicy with a bit of earthy sweetness. Balsam fir, red cedar, ripe holly berries, and cinnamon bark.