Environmental Policy

We like scary stories, but not about the environment.

Maybe we were brainwashed by those 80s ad campaigns telling us to cut up the plastic rings on 6-packs so we wouldn't kill the dolphins, but whatever, it worked.

Now that we're older and own a small business that could serve to add to negative environmental impact, we're instead seizing the opportunity to make things better. Here's some of the things we're doing:

  • It all starts with the vessel. We purposely chose tin-plated steel vessels because their ability to be easily reformed makes them one of the most recyclable types of containers and the actual rate of steel recycling is much higher than that of glass. Once you're done with your candle, if you don't want to reuse the tin for something else, you can throw it in with the recycling and feel confident that it'll get another life for something else.
  • Our wax is 100% soy. Regular paraffin candles are basically made from refined crude, which is why you often see those black soot rings around the tops of their containers. In an era where health and lung capacity are so hard to come by, skip polluting the air in your home and make the switch to clean-burning soy.
  • Those soybeans are grown by American farmers. We come from generations of small, family-owned businesses, and we believe in supporting the same. All our wax is proudly sourced right from the American heartland, and unlike paraffin wax or beeswax, is renewable and vegan.
  • You don't like lead in your paint, and we don't like it in our wicks. That's right: 100% cotton wicks in 100% of our candles.
  • Our packaging is recycled or recyclable. From recycled paper labels to recycled paper filler keeping your candles safe during shipment to paper packing tape, we're serious about doing our part to prevent adding more non-biodegradable materials to our landfills.
  • We consume a lot of paper. So we're planting a lot of trees. We've partnered with OneTreePlanted, so for every purchase you place, a tree gets planted to make up for it. Grow babies, grow!