What is Blessèd Hex?

Our company launched both in and as a result of the year of untold horrors that was 2020. Like many of you, we struggled with everything the year threw at us and did our best to find and embrace the silver linings wherever they'd appear. Blessèd Hex is one of those silver linings, and is borne of our embrace of the duality of blessings and curses in all things.

Dark Scents for Light Souls

Our candles are made for discerning noses. If you're looking for earthy, sophisticated scents that don't smell like chemicals, you're in the right place. In addition to earthy scents, we're into earthy love; all our ingredients and supplies are sustainable, and for every order you place, we plant a tree.

A Blessing Among Curses

Our wish for you, our beloved customers, is that our candles bring your homes and your families comfort and the blessings that eluded us in the year of our launch.