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Blessed Hex

Nefertiti's Sarcophagus

Nefertiti's Sarcophagus

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The team of archaeologists and scientists trooped in with their equipment, descending deep under the ground. For innumerable years, they and hundreds of others just like them had searched and searched for her. But today was the day; they had finally found the famously elusive queen. Readying their tools, they carefully began to pick away at her burial chamber. And in her sarcophagus, after thousands of years deep in slumber, she opened her eyes. Quietly above all their heads, the sands whipped up in the wind and began to slither down the stairwell into the tomb, as though searching for the ankles of the living who had dared invade that holy space. And, before they knew it, they, like the queen, were buried in the sand once again.


Fragrance Profile

Our signature fragrance. A sophisticated take on fresh linen, this scent starts out as a gorgeous woody and slightly powdery floral when cold but reads as warm and clean once burned. It has a mysterious twist that you'll love. Egyptian musk, blue lotus, neroli, and black oud.

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