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Blessed Hex

Library of Alexandria

Library of Alexandria

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Descend a worn marble staircase, down, down, down three subterranean flights until you can go no further. Torchlight slices through the darkness to reveal a thick layer of dust caked over everything in sight. You stand in awe of the stacks upon stacks of ancient papyrus scrolls that haven't been seen by human eyes for nearly an eternity, and carefully pick up the scroll nearest your hand. Just as you begin the struggle to decipher the manuscript, something jostles out of place in the corner of your periphery. You're the only living soul who's been down here in ages. Or are you?


Fragrance Profile

Warm and heady. Well-worn leather, earthy vetiver, and calming nag champa. This is a unisex scent but a favorite among our masculine-scent connoisseurs!

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