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Blessed Hex

Read the Tea Leaves

Read the Tea Leaves

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Curiosity gets the better of you as you tentatively step into the quiet shop. Curios and strange artifacts abound-- crystals in a multitude of sizes and rainbow of colors sparkle and shimmer in the window, hand-tooled leather-bound books call out from a tall bookcase where they are crammed into every conceivable inch of space, dreamcatchers, evil eyes, Buddhas, prayer candles... everywhere you look, there's something eccentric and fascinating to behold. A woman steps from behind a curtain. Your nerves wrestle in your chest cavity. She tranquilly appears at your side and hands you a warm cup of tea.


Fragrance Profile

A warm but sharply clean scent. Ripe orange peel, bursted cranberries, freshly crushed clove and sweet spices, strong black tea, and a wisp of patchouli. This powerful scent packs a clean citrus punch that's welcome year round.

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