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Blessed Hex

Marie Antoinette's Last Breath

Marie Antoinette's Last Breath

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Her hair had turned white overnight from shock. But no matter, for it was swiftly shorn off by her captors. Roused from her cell, she was made to change from her finery into a scratchy, plain white gown and ushered into an open carriage. Her only other company was a priest, but she spoke not a word to him. Her mind was utterly blank as they were carried through throngs of people shouting and spitting and hurling things at her. An hour passed, but instead of an eternity, it felt like mere seconds. The rest came in flashes. A hand upon her arm, guiding her up the stairs. A place to kneel. A murmured but sincere apology. She drew a breath and closed her eyes for the last time.

Fragrance Profile

A delicate, softly clean scent that is warm and floral. This smells like summer. Lavender, majestic pink magnolia, and freshly cut grass.

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