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Blessed Hex



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A golden chariot pulled by, of all things, a group of peacocks, rolls over the cobblestone street, kicking up dust under its giant, shining wheels. The queen of queens steps out, her otherworldly beauty literally crowed with lilies and roses that were enchanted to never fade. She raises her scepter and, before the eyes of the crowd gathered around her, the scepter morphs into a spear. She slams the base of the staff into the earth. The whole planet vibrates violently, time seemingly standing still. All the goddesses in this world and the hereafter rise up to meet the eyes and magnanimous mercy of their queen.


Fragrance Profile

A juicy, sharp clean scent with warmth. Lead notes of ruby red grapefruit give way to yuzu (a tart East Asian hybrid that resembles grapefruit paired with a mandarin orange) and a zing of lemon.

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